Sismo API


Sismo\AnsiEscapeSequencesConverter Converts ANSI escape sequences to HTML.
Sismo\BuildException Thrown for any problem during a build.
Sismo\Builder Builds commits.
Sismo\Commit Represents a project commit.
Sismo\Contrib\GoogleTalkNotifier Notifies builds via a Google Talk server.
Sismo\Contrib\XmppNotifier Notifies builds via a XMPP server.
Sismo\GithubProject Describes a project hosted on Github.
Sismo\Notifier\DBusNotifier Notifies builds via DBus.
Sismo\Notifier\GrowlNotifier Notifies builds via a Growl (Mac only).
Sismo\Notifier\MailNotifier A base email notifier using the native mail() function.
Sismo\Notifier\Notifier Base class for notifiers.
Sismo\Project Represents a project.
Sismo\Sismo Main entry point for Sismo.
Sismo\Storage\PdoStorage Stores projects and builds information.
Sismo\Storage\Storage Stores projects and builds information.
Sismo\Storage\StorageInterface Stores projects and builds information.